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Conveyancing is the transfer of any real property from one name to another.

For over 35 years Land Transfer Services has specialised in the conveyancing of residential houses, units and vacant land in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Selling a Property

A buyer of your property will require from you a Vendors Statement, also known as a Section 32 Statement which provides relevant information about your property that a buyer needs to be aware of. We prepare this for you after a series of questions we ask you about your property. We can have this statement prepared under urgent circumstances within 2 hours by special request.

Once you have sold your property we then proceed to coordinate the entire process for you right through to settlement and distribution of funds. We are more than happy for you to give us a call to discuss your particular property on sale and provide an indicative cost for you.

Purchasing a Property

Where possible, it is strongly recommended that we look through the section 32 Statement and Contract of Sale before you sign it.

Buying a property has many variables which we will explain in detail together with our costs and disbursements*. We can freely provide a more accurate estimate of total costs and expenses based on your circumstances upon request.


Disbursements are costs we incur on your behalf in addition to our standard conveyancing fee and include such items as:

  • Title Searching;
  • Rate and Town planning certificate applications;
  • Titles Office charges;
  • Other similar service charges and process costs unique to your specific sale or purchases.